About the Project

About Internet Freedom Foundation

The IFF is an Indian digital liberties organisation that seeks to ensure that technology respects fundamental rights. Our goal is to ensure that Indian citizens can use the Internet with liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.

Our expertise in free speech, digital surveillance and privacy, net neutrality will help us to champion freedom in the digital age. We spur grassroots membership through public campaigns and take them towards institutional engagement with regulators, legislative bodies and courts.

Project Panoptic

IFF’s Project Panoptic aims to bring transparency and accountability to the relevant government stakeholders involved in the deployment and implementation of facial recognition technology (FRT) projects in India. This project has been built with the help from volunteers at Datakind and Frappe.

The Team

Anushka Jain

Policy Counsel, IFF


Shivam Mishra

Volunteer Developer, Frappe


Shivani Singh

Organisational and Community Manager, IFF


Shobhit Katikia

Design Volunteer


Srivalya Elluru

Technology Volunteer, DataKind Bangalore


Vivek Shrinivasan

Technology Volunteer, DataKind Bangalore


Romit Jain

Technology Volunteer, DataKind Bangalore


Vamsi Krishna

Technology Volunteer, DataKind Bangalore


Joanne D'Cunha

Srihari Pramod

Technology Volunteer, DataKind Bangalore


Yashaswini Basu

Privacy & RTI Fellow, IFF


Shivangani Misra

Former IFF Capstone Fellow

Support The Project

Project Panoptic has been developed with the help of a group of civic-minded volunteers. Through their efforts and willingness to donate their time to this cause, we have been able to create this platform to showcase how facial recognition is the next big threat to the privacy of Indian citizens. However, to ensure that we carry this work forward and also to further develop and maintain this platform, we need your help.

If you, like us, are concerned about the growing threat of mass surveillance and want to support the work that we are doing, help Team Project Panoptic and the Internet Freedom Foundation in continuing this work by donating to us. Your donations will help us in continuously upgrading our database of FRT projects as well as ensuring that this platform showcases all these projects in as much detail as possible.

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