RTI to Home Department, Maharashtra Government

The information sought herein relates to the procurement and use of facial recognition technology by the State of Maharashtra. Please provide information in response to the following queries:

1 Please state whether facial recognition technology is being used to verify the identity of beneficiaries under the Shiv Bhojan Scheme.

2 Please state whether there are any guidelines, rules or standard operating procedure governing the use of facial recognition used under the Shiv Bhojan Scheme.

3 Please state whether any alternatives modes of authentication are available to verify the identity of a beneficiary under the Shiv Bhojan Scheme in addition to facial recognition technology.

4 Please state the consequences of an individual not being recognised as a legitimate beneficiary of the Shiv Bhojan Scheme by the facial recognition system.

5 Please state from which database images are being sourced for matching by the facial recognition system under the Shiv Bhojan Scheme.

Filed to: Home Department, Maharashtra Government
Status: Response Received
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Anushka Jain

Anushka Jain

Policy Counsel, IFF

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