RTI to Airports Authority of India on DigiYatra

The information sought herein pertains to creation, development and operation of the Aadhaar Enabled Entry and Biometric Boarding Systems initiated by the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MCA) through the Digi Yatra project. The queries are below:

(a) Provide copies of tenders/e-tender and other bid documents issued by the Airports Authority of India for the airports of Varanasi, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Vijaywadi.

(b) Provide copies of bids and details of bidders received by the Airports Authority of India in response to tenders/e-tenders issued.

(c) Provide copies of minutes of pre-bid conferences held by any of the airports.

(d) Provide copies of minutes of any meeting/discussions/correspondences between the airports and the prospective bidders on the implementation of this system.

(e) Provide copies of minutes/notes of any inter-ministerial meeting/discussions/correspondences relating to this Aadhaar Enabled Entry and Biometri Boarding Systems or any related facial recognition projects initiated under the Digi Yatra upto October 19, 2019.

Filed to: Airports Authority of India
Status: Response Received
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Joanne D'Cunha

Joanne D'Cunha

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