RTI to NIC on Pensioners' App

The information sought herein relates to the mobile app called Pensioners Life Certification verification App developed by NIC and Finance Department, Government of Meghalaya. Please provide information regarding the following enquiries:

1.Please provide information regarding the broad and specific criteria of information collected by the app.

2.Please provide details of the database in which the data collected is stored and the duration for which it is stored.

3.Please provide information regarding who will have access and sharing rights to the data collected.

4.Please state the purposes for which data collected by the app can be accessed and shared.

  1. Please provide information with regard to the protocols in place to ensure the security of the data gathered.

  2. Please state if there is any Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in place to determine the usage, storage and the ownership of the data. If yes, please provide a copy of the SOP.

7.Please state whether any accuracy report is available regarding the efficiency of the facial recognition technology used in the app. If yes, please provide a copy of the report.

8.Please state whether any privacy impact assessment was conducted. If yes, please provide a copy of the report.

  1. Please state if the app is mandatory to access the pension. If yes, please provide a copy of the order.

  2. Please provide all documents related to the queries herein.

Filed to: National Informatics Centre
Status: Response Received
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Yashaswini Basu

Yashaswini Basu

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